The Virtual Velo-city podcast is a series of interviews recorded by journalists Laura Laker and Carlton Reid at the Velo-city conference staged in Dublin in June 2019. It was made possible by a bunch of lovely Kickstarter backers who were sent the episodes almost-live from the show.  The episodes were then re-engineered and made available to all thanks to some kind backing from the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Available to listen in Episodes or subscribe, for free, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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The Virtual Velo-city podcast is brought to you by journalists Carlton Reid and Laura Laker. It was originally funded via a Kickstarter campaign, the video for which can be seen below.

Kickstarter backers were sent podcasts from the Velo-city conference. Thanks to backing from the Dutch Cycling Embassy a re-engineered set of these podcasts are now available – for free – on this website in Episodes or via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The available-for-all podcasts will be released over the coming weeks with the first three shows available now.

Podcast episodes

EPISODE 4 – Virtual Velo-city 2019

Also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Interviews with: Dr. John McCarthy, European Intelligent Mobility leader for Arup, an expert in autonomous cars. Kevin Mayne, Cycling Industries Europe Academic John Parkin. Phillipe Crist from the OECD’s International Transport Forum. European Commission Deputy Director-General of transport Matthew Baldwin. [MP3] TRANSCRIPT Carlton Reid 0:07 Welcome to virtual Velo-city recorded …

EPISODE 3 – Virtual Velo-city 2019

Also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. ++++ Interviews with: DV Manohar, Shri Shakti Group, India Daan Pelckmans, coordinator of the cycling unit in Ghent. Ciaran Ferrie of advocacy group IBikeDublin. Chris Bruntlett of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Sue Knaup of the One Street non-profit of the USA. [MP3] TRANSCRIPT Timings to be corrected Laura Laker 0:00 Still …

EPISODE 2 – Virtual Velo-City 2019

Also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. ++++ Interviews with: Lars Stromgren of Beyond Vision Zero in Sweden. Peter Cox, Professor of Sociology at Chester University. Former mayor of Copenhagen, Morten Kabell, who now works for Copenhagenize. [MP3] TRANSCRIPT NOTE TIMINGS NEED TO BE CORRECTED Laura Laker 00:00 I’m here with Lars Stromgren – hope I pronounced your …


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